On the campaign trail - 2009

"I want to thank Anne (my treasurer), Gini (my campaign manager), Michael (my husband), Tom, Deborah, Mary, Carlinda, Margarita, Christina, Sadie, Shane, Grace, Harold, Zack, Hal and everyone else who have helped campaign for me in 2009! I will win because of all of you ... united we stand and win!"

Join Ruth and her campaign staff (all volunteer) as they help clean out the US House in 2010!


Ruth welcoming bake sale customers (Dec. 6 in Tucson).


Ruth speaking about healthcare at Grace's Bake Sale.


Ruth at the Yuma, AZ Dec. 12 Tea Party.


Ruth explaining her ideas to tea partiers in Yuma - limited government, creating jobs, strengthening a free market economy and small businesses, lowing taxes, defending our freedoms and national security, promoting life and family, investing in science and technology, and improving our healthcare system.


Ruth being interviewed about tea parties and why she is running in CD 7 against Rep. Grijalva.


Ruth sharing her ideas at the Midvale festival, in SW Tucson on Oct. 24.


Ruth talking to a Grijalva voter at the Midvale Festival.


Ruth on the Russ Clark radio show in Yuma Oct. 27.

Ruth is thankful for Russ, Mel, Mary, Shirley and the many others in Yuma that are helping her! "I can't win without you!"


Ruth at the Last Stand Tea Party (Tucson) - a man is asking Ruth "Can I vote for you?"


Ruth's campaign handed out over 1000 pieces of literature at the Last Stand Tea Party. Thank you Sadie and Deborah for handing out 100s of the "Maybe it does take a Rocket Scientist" stickers! Homemade signs "Go grassroots!"


Ruth campaigning at the Last Stand Tea Party on Oct. 10.


Ruth at the Tucson Tea Party Healthcare forum, on August 28, where she answered questions along with CD 8 candidates.


Ruth at the Young Republican fundraiser on Sept. 19, where she talked about an elephant hitting you at 60 mph. Remember Ruth is a physicist!


Ruth answering questions at the Santa Cruz County Republican monthly meeting, August 15.


Ruth at the border in Nogales, AZ, talking to retired Border Patrol agent Zack Taylor about problems and solutions. Ruth will go see problems firsthand and use both her knowledge and that of other experts to make decisions.


Ruth campaigning at the July 4th Tea Party.


Ruth at the July 4th Tea Party sharing her ideas.


July 4th, let's cherish our future and our freedom.


Ruth didn't go to this health care protest in front of Grijalva's office, but she believes in the First Amendment and that all people's voices should be heard and listened to! Go grassroots!


Ruth at her first official campaign event. A Pro-life fair and rally on June 14, at Immaculate Heart High School.


Ruth sharing her pro-life views.


I the 1990s: As a high school student, Ruth was involved in helping others campaign. Can anyone guess whose campaign this was? If you guessed Dirk Kempthorne, you are right. Here Senator Kempthorne is running for Governor of Idaho. He also served as President Bush's US Secretary of the Interior.



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