On the campaign trail - October 2010

Some of Ruth's supporters at the election night party in our campaign hotel room. The night started out with Ruth winning as you can see by people cheering, but ended up with Grijalva pulling ahead. We love you all - Viva the people!
Ruth, Senator Kyl, Senator McCain, and Jesse Kelly with some supporters in our headquarters. Ruth is saying something funny - everyone is smiling.
Even the dogs are supporting Ruth, making get out the vote phone calls to their friends, "Bite your owner if he doesn't vote for Ruth."
Ruth at the forum down in Rio Rico. Notice Harley and Raul.
Ruth at the end of a townhall in Tucson, answering questions. Many thanks to our volunteers for a successful evening.
Yes Ruth did help clean her headquarters. This is not a staged picture. It shocked several of our campaign people that Ruth would do this, and even clean the toilets. She is the people's candidate.
Ruth in Ajo, AZ, October 16. Thanks Edward for helping at many of our events, and especially for taking pictures.
Ruth at the debate at Pima Community College on October 13. Viva Ruth!
Ruth at a townhall with Senator McCain in Superior, AZ, talking about the Resolution Mine there. Grijalva has stopped the mine from operating there.
Ruth at the October 9 Tea Party. Go Steve! We love your sign!
Ruth doing a healthcare townhall in Yuma with Dr. Novak on October 7.
An NPR radio forum with Raul and Harley, on October 7 in Yuma.
Ruth speaking at the Junior Statesmen event, October 2.



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